Ararimu Natural Sipper Bottled Water [750ml]
Organics Out West Ararimu Natural Sipper Bottled Water [750ml] $3.70
Located in a little known pristine valley northwest of Auckland New Zealand. Surrounded by clean farmland, an 80 acre bush reserve and a large forestry block. This area was originally chosen by early pioneer and Croatian settlers because of the good soils and its water quality. They established some of New Zealand’s first orchards and wineries which still exist today. The premium naturally high Alkaline water is pH 9.5.Ararimu Natural water offers a unique soft delicate tasting water.  All of this has been created by the long geological ageing process deep underground. Totally free of any kind of chemical treatment or contaminates, so you can rest assured you are drinking some of the best water New Zealand offers.All this goodness is then bottled at source.  We use fine micron filtration and best industry practice to ensure pure quality.
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Living Water ECOBOX 10 ltrs
Living Water Living Water ECOBOX 10 ltrs $8.50
Living water is not distilled but is purified through a series of 8 commercial filtration systems, then reverse osmosis, after this it goes through tanks at different levels (like a Chinese water garden). This naturally puts oxygen into the water. There are no chemicals used in any part of the production including sterilization. This is all done with boiling water. Living Water are HCCAP approved so all steps are tested daily in-house and by independent laboratories testing and stringent process guidelines monthly. Ph Level is neutral.
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Living Water Sipper 650ml
Living Water Living Water Sipper 650ml $3.20
Premium water which is oxygen rich. Believed to help cellular hydration, detoxification and enhance body functions. Now in an eco bottle. We also stock 10 Litre Bladder Boxes and 17 Swap containers. Please contact the store if you have any questions.

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