Kingfi Fennel Toothpaste 100ml
Kingfisher Kingfi Fennel Toothpaste 100ml $13.90
A splendid toothpaste containing no artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings or preservatives that is gluten free and GM Free. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and, because it contains no mint, for those taking homeopathic treatments.
Nature's Goodness - Propolis Toothpaste - [110g]
Nature's Goodness Nature's Goodness - Propolis Toothpaste - [110g] $11.50
Nature’s Goodness Australia Propolis toothpaste is a unique formula to freshen your breath and to help protect against plaque and gum disease. Propolis is a natural substance produced by honey bees which is composed of organic acids, flavonoids, minerals and other essential elements. Propolis Toothpaste also utilises the power of Xylitol, a natural sweetener substance from the birch tree. Xylitol fights acid-producing bacteria which causes tooth decay and gum disease. Propolis assists with healing many infections and health problems such as colds and flu, ulcers, and gum disease. Benefits - Sugar Free  - SLS Free  - Fluoride Free  - Paraben Free  - Saccharin Free Warning: Propolis may cause allergic reactions. If irritation or swelling of the mouth or throat occurs, discontinue use. Storage: Store below 30 degrees C.
Thursday Plantation - Tea Tree Toothpaste - [110g]
Thursday Plantation Thursday Plantation - Tea Tree Toothpaste - [110g] $7.50
Contains 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, a natural antibacterial agent. Fluoride Free Free from synthetic parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, lauryl sulphates, polysorbates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours and animal derived ingredients. Apply a small amount to your toothbrush and brush your teeth twice daily with Tea Tree Toothpaste to maintain good oral hygiene.
Go Bamboo Tooth Brush - Child
Go Bamboo Go Bamboo Tooth Brush - Child $5.90
Natural bamboo handle sealed with edible wax. Dual length is soft to medium bristles. Packaged in a sealed recycled cardboard box. Inspired by the beach, the Go Bamboo Toothbrush is a natural bamboo colour a little like driftwood. Write your name in pencil on the handle or get creative and decorate your toothbrush to suit your personality. Toothbrush disposal When you’ve finished with your toothbrush you can put it to another use, like cleaning your bike or jewellery. When it’s really done its dash, shave the bristles off and recycle.
Do Gooder Pure Silk Dental Floss [30 Metres]
Do Gooder Do Gooder Pure Silk Dental Floss [30 Metres] $7.80
Pure silk floss.  A little finer than the bamboo charcoal floss so easier to use if you have quite tight gaps between your teeth. Comes in a recycled and recyclable glass bottle.  But even better is the bottle is reusable, just pop in a refill and it is good to go...
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Kingf Fennel Toothpaste FF 100
Kingfisher Kingf Fennel Toothpaste FF 100 $13.90
A delicious fluoride-free toothpaste containing no artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings or preservatives that is gluten free and GM Free. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and, because it contains no mint, for those taking homeopathic treatments.
Grin - Charcoal Infused Toothbrush (Soft)
Grin Grin - Charcoal Infused Toothbrush (Soft) $6.90
Look after the environment whilst caring for your teeth and gums with Grin Charcoal-Infused Bamboo Toothbrush! Made from sustainable bamboo, our charcoal-infused bamboo toothbrush handle is 100% biodegradable. The toothbrush bristles have been infused with a premium activated charcoal which has been recognised for its antibacterial and detoxifying properties for thousands of years. Alongside brushing the charcoal works to keep bacteria at bay whilst absorbing toxins and restoring the whiteness of teeth. Now with even softer bristles! (Soft bristles are recommended by dentists). 01mm micro slim-tip bristles reach deep between teeth and along the gum-line. The antiseptic properties of charcoal help to reduce bacteria build-up on your toothbrush. Charcoal naturally whitens teeth by gently removing stains without stripping away tooth enamel. The detoxifying properties of Charcoal help to eliminate chlorine and other harsh chemicals found in tap water. The charcoal bristles help to prevent plaque build-up. 100% biodegradable handle. The PBT bristles can be recycled through our recycling program.
Grin - Fluoride Free Toothpaste (Cool Mint) - [100g]
Grin Grin - Fluoride Free Toothpaste (Cool Mint) - [100g] $8.50
Grin Freshening delivers a thorough, fresh, flash-those-pearly-whites clean – without the need for any nasties Features Made in New Zealand from 100% natural ingredients. The antiseptic properties of Manuka Oil, Propolis and Organic Sea Salt inhibit bacteria growth. Laboratory tests show that Grin Natural toothpaste is effective in combating all six common oral bacteria. Natural xylitol helps to prevent plaque build-up with regular brushing. Peppermint oil and spearmint oil leave teeth fresh and squeaky clean. The combination of carefully selected active natural ingredients and essential oils work together to maintain good oral health. NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), NO Triclosan, NO added sugar, NO preservatives, NO artificial colours, NO artificial flavours, NO fragrance and NO harsh abrasives. Fluoride, paraben and palm oil free. The only natural toothpaste available in New Zealand dental clinics. Not tested on animals. Does not contain gluten. Recycle the tubes through our recycling program.
Kiwihb Manuka Mouthwsh 100ml
Kiwiherb Kiwihb Manuka Mouthwsh 100ml $37.90
A natural herbal mouthwash made from New Zealand native Manuka and Tanekaha, which help to kill the odour-causing bacteria that cause bad breath.  In-vitro tests commissioned by Kiwiherb on preparations containing a combination of Manuka & Tanekaha have found activity against the common oral bacteria Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus mitis, and Actinomyces naeslundii. Naturally flavoured with Aniseed, Liquorice and Peppermint oil for fresh breath, Kiwiherb Manuka Mouthwash leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean. Fresh tasting 100% natural Freshens the mouth Helps to kill odour causing bacteria No artificial flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or colours are used in this product.
Ecostore - Whitening Toothpaste - [90g]
ECO STORE Ecostore - Whitening Toothpaste - [90g] $6.20
Designed to polish away stains while freshening breath and protecting gums, this toothpaste contains antibacterial native Kanuka oil, with magnolia bark extract for overall oral health and baking soda to neutralise acid and gently whiten teeth. Cleans teeth Freshens breath with an extra minty flavour Helps protect gums Naturally derived ingredients Directions Brush at least twice a day after meals and follow with ecostore Mouthwash.
Tui Balms - Foot Balm - [40g]
Tui Balms Tui Balms - Foot Balm - [40g] $16.90
Designed specifically for reflexology treatments, the higher beeswax content gives ideal grip & precision while soothing & softening the skin. A refreshing pick-me-up for tired feet. Also great as an everyday skin conditioner, especially after exposure to the elements. The peppermint, spearmint and tea tree essential oils cool and invigorate when massaged in, especially at the end of the day. Tea tree also has strong anti-fungal & anti-microbial properties which will help with any infections of the feet or nails. In rare cases, this product may cause mild skin irritation.

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