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Ceres - Organic Hemp Seeds - [200g]
Ceres Organics Ceres - Organic Hemp Seeds - [200g] $14.95
In this bag you’ll find exHEMPlary super-seeds! You can sprinkle them on salads, sandwiches, nut butter on toast. You can blend them in smoothies, or even make hemp milk! Expect a mild, green nutty flavour, somewhat similar to pinenuts. Hemp seeds have an incredible nutritional profile – one of the few plant-based sources of complete protein, with favourable omega-3s and omega-6s, and loaded with magnesium and iron. All the good stuff for you to go forth and build your Hempire!
Ceres - Pistachio Nuts (Roasted & Salted) -[100g]
Ceres Organics Ceres - Pistachio Nuts (Roasted & Salted) -[100g] $10.60
Roasted & Salted. Natures super healthy snack! Pistachios are nutrient dense -this means they supply an excellent balance of nutrients & calories. Snack on whole kernels or add to your favourite ice cream, cake or baked dessert. Sprinkle over salad or add to muesli for a special breakfast treat.
Pinoli NZ Pine Nuts 70g
Pinoli Pinoli NZ Pine Nuts 70g $13.90
Pine nuts are edible kernels extracted from the seed of a variety of species of pine tree. The seeds are typically thick-shelled and grow inside of pine cones that look very similar to the pine cones that grow on more common pines grown for timber. 
Roar Organic Activated Almonds [125g]
Roar Roar Organic Activated Almonds [125g] $10.90
Nuts contain compounds that make them hard to digest. These compounds can also stop some nuts from releasing nutrients until they sprout. Luckily we can trick nuts into thinking they’re about to sprout, releasing more nutrients and making them taste fresh and sweet. Oh, and extra crunchy! This process is called ACTIVATING! ROAR activated nuts have been soaked, washed and dehydrated – below 47°C – making them extra digestible, delectable and oh so moreish. We hope you enjoy nature’s perfect little snack!

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