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Ceres - Organic Tomato Puree - [350g]
Ceres Organics Ceres - Organic Tomato Puree - [350g] $5.50
A famous Italian artist once said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – we think he must have been talking about our Tomato Puree. Organically grown tomatoes are vine-ripened under the Italian sun, allowing nature to develop their full flavour.They’re then cooked and strained into this rich paste. No added sugars, thickeners, or weird numbers. Voilà, simple sophistication!
Ceres Organic Quinoa Rice Fusilli (Gluten Free) - [250g]
Ceres Organics Ceres Organic Quinoa Rice Fusilli (Gluten Free) - [250g] $7.90
Ceres Organics balances rice with tasty Quinoa to deliver a delectable pasta the entire family can enjoy. Our pastas are 100% organic and produced in a separate gluten-free facility. Every step in the production process is designed to preserve the unique purity of the harvest. Quinoa (pronounced 'keen-wah') has a truly ancient origin, going back to the Inca civilization. They called it chisaya mama - the 'mother of all grains'. Today, the whole world calls it a 'super grain' befitting its amazing nutrition profile. Quinoa is a balanced amino acid source of high quality protein. It is naturally gluten-free, wheat-free, easy to digest and is among the least allergenic foods available. Quinoa has a light, nutty, delicious flavour all its own.
Chantal - Organic Tomato Paste - [200g]
Chantal Organics Chantal - Organic Tomato Paste - [200g] $5.50
Made with nothing but organic, sun-ripened tomatoes, our tomato paste is naturally full of flavour and adds a rich depth to tomato-based dishes.

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