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Ca Black Sesame Oil 250ml
Carwari Ca Black Sesame Oil 250ml $17.90
Carwari Organic Extra Virgin Black Sesame Oil is very unique product. Certified organic black sesame seeds are cold pressed and the oil is extracted. The product contains high antioxidant and has a distinct flavour and aroma. Made from organic unhulled black sesame seeds. It is a very tasty oil. Lighter colour Cold pressed High in antioxidant 100% Certified Organic. Key Benefits: Dairy Free Gluten Free Suitable For Vegetarians
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Ca Black Tahini 375g
Carwari Ca Black Tahini 375g $16.90
Made from organic unhulled black sesame seeds Charcoal grey to black colour from black sesame seeds Mild yet distinctive flavour. Gluten-Free.
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Carwari Sesame Oil 250ml
Carwari Carwari Sesame Oil 250ml $16.90
Lighter colour Cold pressed Nutty flavour and aroma. Suitable for any style of cooking; oven, pan frying, deep frying, salads. It can be used for "Oil Pulling Remedy".
Carwari Toasted Sesame Oil 250
Carwari Carwari Toasted Sesame Oil 250 $16.90
Dark colour. Cold-pressed after seeds are toasted. Strong aroma and flavour. Appetizing oil. Recommended for use in Traditional & modern Asian cuisine. Gluten-Free.

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