Rapunzel - Organic Vegetable Bouillon - [84g]
Rapunzel Rapunzel - Organic Vegetable Bouillon - [84g] $5.50
These tasty vegan vegetable bouillons use only the highest quality ingredients from organic cultivation wherever possible. Made with sun-dried sea salt from the French Atlantic Coast, organic vegetables and herbs and organic non-hydrogenated palm oil. They contain no added flavour-enhancer, artificial or “natural” flavourings, colourings, acidifiers or stabilisers, ingredients containing gluten, lactose or cholesterol. These convenient soup cubes are the perfect flavour base for soups, sauces, stews and casseroles; or accompaniment to noodles and rice.
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Rapunzel - Organic Vegetable Bouillon Broth Powder - [125g]
Rapunzel Rapunzel - Organic Vegetable Bouillon Broth Powder - [125g] $10.90
This bouillon has a well-balanced, full-bodied flavour and contains different vegetables and herbs. Produced without yeast. Ideal for seasoning and refining soups, sauces, vegetable dishes or as a delicious broth.

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