New Zealand Longevity Foundation Liposomal Vitamin C + D3 [30 Sachets]
NZ Longevity Foundation New Zealand Longevity Foundation Liposomal Vitamin C + D3 [30 Sachets] $48.50
VITAMIN C+D3 Micron-Particle Delivery System Formula (1 bag/ box of 30 sachets) Vitamin C is the number one Vitamin, which participates in over 500 bio-chemical processes every 24 hours, including acting as an essential cofactor in enzyme reactions.  It is used by the body of maintaining optimum health. Unlike most other mammals, humans do not have the ability to make Vitamin C and therefore, need to consume it in their diet. NZLF Vitamin C + D3 Micron Particle Delivery System is an especially formulated emulsion which increases the bio-availability of both Vitamin C and D3 Benefits of oral L.E.T. Vitamin C 10 to 20 times more bio-available. Protection from Vitamin C degrading agents in environment. Protection from Vitamin C degrading agents in the digestive system. Targeted delivery to the liver. No gastric distress—even from large doses. No extra load on kidneys because no increase in urine output. Maximised health and longevity benefits from Micron-Particle Delivery System, compared to other Vitamin C oral source. Plus all the benefits of the phosphatidylcholine used in the liposomes that carry and protect the Vitamin C. Directions Take 1 to 2 sachets per day for general organ, nerve, muscular and cellular health.    Please note, this is a chilled item, and we can not guarantee its condition upon arrival.
Lifestream - Natural Vitamin C - [90 caps]
Lifestream Lifestream - Natural Vitamin C - [90 caps] $39.90
Lifestream Natural Vitamin C is sourced from certified organic, non-GMO acerola berries. A good natural, plant-based source of vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient that the body cannot produce. In times of stress or illness, we need more vitamin C to help repair tissues and restore the body to optimal health. When taken as part of a healthy diet made up of a variety of foods, Natural Vitamin C: Supports healthy immune system function. Supports skin and gum health. Contributes to cell protection from free radical damage. Natural plant source of vitamin C from acerola berries. Certified organic and non-GMO. Natural Vitamin C has no added sweeteners or flavours. It is easily absorbed, gentle on the stomach and a natural alternative to synthetic vitamin C. Certified organic and non-GMO.
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Lifestream - Chlorella 500mg - [90 tabs]
Lifestream Lifestream - Chlorella 500mg - [90 tabs] $33.90
Lifestream Chlorella provides detox support from the super green algae. Lifestream Chlorella contain high levels of chlorophyll for internal body cleansing with plant-based vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish health and vitality. The “cracked cells” and chlorophyll content support detoxification and enable optimal nutrient absorption, which also supports skin health. Lifestream Chlorella: Helps to cleanse and detoxify the body. Supports internal deodorising for breath, body and foot odour. Supports digestive, bowel and skin health.
Biotrace - Betaine HCL [90 Caps]
BioTrace Biotrace - Betaine HCL [90 Caps] $44.90
BioTrace Betaine HCL provides natural digestive support for people with compromised stomach acid levels. It is a great general digestive aid as it promotes the absorption of all macro nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) and micro nutrients (minerals and vitamins especially B12, iron and calcium). Many factors can result in low hydrochloric acid (HCL) levels, affecting digestion. These include gastrointestinal disorders, nutritional deficiencies, stress and some pharmaceutical drugs. Research studies show that supplementing with Betaine HCL may support digestion and absorption in people with low stomach acid. It may also support normal liver function. Adequate HCL levels are required for lipid metabolism thus Betaine HCL may support normal blood lipid levels, blood pressure and cardiovascular health. BioTrace’s pure extracts in vegetable capsules ensure no nasty excipients (such as tableting agents) are required. Helps maintain normal stomach acid levels Supports digestion  and absorption of nutrients Supports optimal liver function Supports cardiovascular health TAPS PP3143 Directions Adults: Take 1 capsule up to three times daily, with each main meal. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Keep all medications and supplements out of reach of children. If symptoms persist see your health professional. Do not use if seal under cap is damaged or missing. If any adverse reaction occurs stop using and consult your health professional. Do not use if you have peptic ulcers or gastroesophageal reflux disease. If you are taking any medications consult your health professional prior to use.  
Biotrace -  CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops [60ml]
BioTrace Biotrace - CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops [60ml] $25.90
BioTrace CMD (Concentrated Mineral Drops) is an exceptional source of minerals and trace elements in a natural, concentrated solution that enables you to easily and affordably mineralise your own water. The human body requires minerals and trace elements to support numerous biological functions. There are several reasons why mineral deficiencies are so common in the Western world: Intensive farming uses synthetic fertilisers that contain only a few macro-minerals required for food to grow, but few of the micro-minerals required for human health. Pollution and industrialisation can cause toxic metal accumulation. Toxic metals compete with mineral absorption in the body. Taking non-ionic or synthetic mineral supplements or drugs in excess can upset the equilibrium of other minerals and trace elements in the body. Studies show that not only does sea water contain a wealth of mineral salts and trace elements, but it can also support pH balance because it is naturally alkaline (pH 7.9 – 8.3). CMD contains up to 72 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in a low sodium sea mineral concentrate sourced from the Dead Sea in Jordan. Bio-available, liquid mineral concentrate with up to 72 naturally occurring trace elements. Supports mineral balance with a mineral composition close to healthy human plasma. Low in sodium, high in magnesium. Economical and flexible dosage form for the whole family. Directions Take 1 drop per 3kg of body weight, i.e. 60kg body weight equals 20 drops of CMD. Either dilute these drops into the liquid you consume throughout the day, or split the dose to half in the morning and half in the evening in a glass of water. CMD can be added into any liquid consumed. Always read the label and take only as directed. If any adverse reactions occur, immediately stop using this product and consult your health practitioner. If seal cap is damaged or missing do not use.
Harker Herbals - Deep Lung Support - [500ml]
Harker Herbals Harker Herbals - Deep Lung Support - [500ml] $55.90
A classic herbal tonic loved by generations of New Zealanders. Harker Herbals Deep Lung Support combines more than 20 plant-based ingredients to support removal of mucus build-up in the lungs and support healthy breathing. This blend helps thin the mucus, making it easier to expel. Highlights: Helps loosen stubborn mucus in the chest. Supports bronchial and respiratory health. Great for those exposed to high air pollution. Liquid formula for fast absorption. Can be taken long term. Suitable for all the family, especially the elderly who are more susceptible to respiratory illness. Vegan-friendly.
Biotrace - Elemental Zinc - [60ml]
BioTrace Biotrace - Elemental Zinc - [60ml] $29.90
BioTrace Elemental Zinc is a concentrated liquid dietary supplement that provides Zinc, a trace element, in ionic form – a form thought to be more readily absorbed by the body. Elemental Zinc also contains concentrated mineral drops (CMD), naturally sourced from The Dead Sea in Jordan, providing up to 72 trace elements that may be missing from the diet. Zinc is an essential element that may support normal growth and development, reproduction, immunity, vision, digestion, detoxification, metabolism, and hair, skin and nail health. Zinc aids the absorption of Vitamin A which may support a healthy immune system, healthy skin and good vision. Zinc is an important cofactor for adequate stomach acid levels and may also support normal intestinal flora populations. Zinc is most concentrated in the prostate gland and may support male reproductive organ health. Our BioTrace Liquid Elemental range provides affordable, flexible dosage options of many essential minerals. Bio-available, liquid Zinc concentrate with up to 72 naturally occurring trace elements. May support normal growth and development, reproduction, immunity, vision, digestion, detoxification, metabolism, and hair, skin and nail health. Directions Adults: Using the Opti-Dose measured dropper, take 1ml daily after food in water or juice, or as directed by your health professional. Always read the label and use as directed. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications, consult your health practitioner before use. If any adverse reactions occur, immediately stop using this product and consult your health practitioner. If seal cap is damaged or missing do not use.
SH Swedish Bitters 100ml
Self Heal SH Swedish Bitters 100ml $24.90
Swedish Bitters is an old European herbal formula made popular through the well-known Austrian herbalist Maria Treben in her book "Health through God's Pharmacy". It is well proven over the years to be an outstanding liver and gallbladder tonic. It is capable of supporting a huge range of body systems. It assists healthy immune and digestive systems. It supports healthy kidney and hormonal function. It can be used as a mouthwash. For people familiar with iridology: Swedish Bitters tends to suit people with blue or dark brown eyes. (Self Heal's NZ Bush Bitters tends to suit people with green, hazel or yellow-brown eyes.) We have found that many people receive benefit with much lower doses than prescribed by Maria Treben. Best dose is after evening dinner.
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Schussler Combination D Skin Disorders 125's
Schuessler Schussler Combination D Skin Disorders 125's $16.90
For minor skin ailments, scalp eruptions, eczema, acne, scaling of the skin and allied conditions. When you want a natural remedy for skin troubles, Combination D is an effective combination of the 4 minerals needed by the body for healthy skin and maintenance. It is best taken as a course of treatment. 125 Tablets | 250 Tablets | Spray Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. Contains lactose.
Plant Rhythms - Worry Ease - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Worry Ease - [50ml] $49.90
Clears on physical & energetic levels. Nourishes stomach & Throat areas. Highly protective. Holds the space for big transitions and changes to happen more easily. Helps release irritability and anger. Uplifting. Effective adrenal gland support. Digestive tonic; calms stomach upsets. Helps with communication, and promotes optimal functioning of thyroid- balances metabolism. Helps clear the head.
Plant Rhythms - UP Remedy - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - UP Remedy - [50ml] $49.90
Enlivening And Uplifting Tonic. Boosts serotonin uptake and is a wonderful Energy tonic. Uplifting in cases of being depressed/down. Helps with libido. Nourishes adrenal functioning, hormone balance and is a digestive aid. Supports immune system and is strongly antiviral. Good for confidence, creativity and integration. Self assertion.
Plant Rhythms - Trust - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Trust - [50ml] $49.90
Embodiment of who you are and Trusting that. Clearing for the lymphatic system. Reenergizing and good for the adrenals, these herbs assist in acceptance of support in all ways. Integration, standing in one’s own space and power, alleviating shock, elevating self trust and movement towards one’s goals and dreams, making space for oneself in one’s life, moving forward with faith and without ‘interruption’, and assisting with right relationships in one’s life, are all things this remedy assists.
Plant Rhythms - The Everything Remedy - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - The Everything Remedy - [50ml] $49.90
Rebalancing and Energizing Tonic. Relieves shock. Alleviates aches and pains, re energizes the adrenals. Increased alignment with your inspiration/passion. Promotes self trust and increased self awareness. Boosts serotonin levels and deeply cleanses your lymphatic and immune system. Rebalances hormones, relieves shock, antiviral and clears energy field.
Plant Rhythms - Tech Protect - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Tech Protect - [50ml] $49.90
Contains basic components for radiation protection and EMF shielding. Strengthening your energy field and Rebalancing you. For optimal hormonal balance and especially thyroid support (metabolism). Assisting the body’s natural cleansing response. Ideal for office and high WIFI and EMF environments. The perfect remedy to protect from radiation, amongst cell phones and WIFI computer technology.
Plant Rhythms - Stress Less - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Stress Less - [50ml] $49.90
Supports Practicality, Upliftment and Focus. Rebalances the pineal and pituitary glands, aiding greater uptake of serotonin in the brain. Releases tension in the neck and shoulder areas. Eases muscle tension throughout the body and helps clear the lymph. Nourishes and supports the nervous system, and is strongly antiviral. Promotes self trust and unconditional love.
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Plant Rhythms - Smile - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Smile - [50ml] $49.90
Reconnect with your joy, the laughter and warmth in your life. Promotes self confidence, that sense of inner joy, and integration. Helps digestion, and is a liver and kidney tonic. Unconditional love of self and others. Highly protective and heart opening.
Plant Rhythms - Pokeroot - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Pokeroot - [50ml] $49.90
Powerful lymphatic system cleanser. Breaks up cysts, tumours and able to clear glandular fever long-term etc. Best taken in small doses (3 drops up to 3x a day) at first, unless otherwise specified.
Plant Rhythms - Loss - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Loss - [50ml] $49.90
Supporting the Process of Loss. “It’s OK to Cry”. Healing, Calming for the nervous system and emotions. Assists in the release of grief.  Gently uplifting while still allowing the process of letting go. Assists with cellular release work and honouring oneself. Moving forward with unconditional love and support for oneself and others. Staying present with what is happening for oneself and not getting caught up in others’.
Plant Rhythms -  I AM OM Remedy - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - I AM OM Remedy - [50ml] $49.90
Assists in clearing the way for new beginnings. Emotional healing. Following the path of one’s heart and that of unconditional love. Clears energy grid through the body helping to de-condition the nervous system and let old conditioning go. Bringing in new light and emotional healing. Release of old emotional charges and attachments of all kinds. Acknowledging your own truth to yourself. Following one’s inner wisdom through to new beginnings.
Plant Rhythms - Heart Charkra Elixir - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Heart Charkra Elixir - [50ml] $49.90
Unconditional love & heart healing. Regulates mood swings, crying spells; works like rescue remedy. Wonderful support during emotional change(s). Raises one’s frequency considerably, ~341Hz.
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Plant Rhythms - Focus - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Focus - [50ml] $49.90
Make light of the dark. Live your inspirations and passions into being. Brain tonic and assists mental clarity. Harmonizing with your dreams and goals allowing you to live your inspirations and passions into being. Facilitates focus from a balanced perspective through supporting even blood sugar levels and hormone balance.
Plant Rhythms - Earthe [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Earthe [50ml] $49.90
Cleansing and Grounding. For when you need Mothering and Feminine support. Settling. Finding the safety and comfort in being settled in yourself. Promotes focus, playfulness, and integration. Balances hormones and assists liver functioning. Safe to come home to yourself.
Plant Rhythms - Create - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Create - [50ml] $49.90
Active Creation. Moving beyond known boundaries. Reintegration of those forgotten aspects of the psyche. Active creation of your own life. Connecting the right and the left brain and particularly opening up the creative right side. Male and female aspect integration. Breaking old cycles and facilitating transformation. Assists one in BEING in the moment. In that space that you have chosen to make in yourself to be free to express.
Plant Rhythms - Colloidal Minerals - [300ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Colloidal Minerals - [300ml] $52.90
Benefits Boost your energy levels. Facilitates weight loss & Optimal Metabolism. Nourishes digestive system. Hormone & Mood stabilizing. Stops sugar cravings. Remineralize your entire body! Amazingly rich mineral supplement!
Plant Rhythms - Clarity - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Clarity - [50ml] $49.90
The 'enlightenment tonic’. Drops improve tap water quality. Helps detoxify and decalcify the pineal gland. Promotes mental clarity and alignment of meridians. Regulates and assists optimal serotonin levels in the brain and body. Energizes organ function. Balances and connects both brain hemispheres. Opens third eye and strengthens intuition. Assists with one’s spiritual awakening and alignment. Binds to heavy metals and other toxins to pass them out of the body system. Contains components that actively decalcify the what is said to be the ‘seat of enlightenment’, the pineal gland. Revitalising the nervous system and the liver and spleen qi (energy).
Plant Rhythms - Cherish - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Cherish - [50ml] $49.90
Neurochemically balances the mind and body. Immediate shock relief. Restores the natural equilibrium of feel-good chemicals in the brain. Alleviates and heals and promotes playfulness with self. Helps move away from inappropriate relationships by nurturing a sense of self, a deep sense of love and respect. Enables a balance for one to trust again. Supports empowerment and a better sense of self esteem and self trust. Spleen and kidney tonic.
Plant Rhythms - Breathe - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Breathe - [50ml] $49.90
Support for asthma, and for hay fever relief. Breath awareness and meditation tonic. Promotes a willingness to let go, and let life in. Supports a sense of safety through increased connection with oneself. Helps during periods of shut down on depression. Reminds you to say yes to life. Creating breathing room; filling the space that is you. 
Plant Rhythms - Balance First - [50ml]
Plant Rhythms Plant Rhythms - Balance First - [50ml] $49.90
Focus and Clarity.  Balances all Constitutions: Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Alkalizes the body and assists digestion. Nourishes liver and adrenal functioning, boosting energy levels and overall sense of well being. Alleviates mood swings; balances blood sugar levels and hormones. Aids with mental clarity, focus and confidence. Clears meridians through the body and promotes mind heart connection. Foundational in nature and effectively used with the other remedies.
TRU2U Sweet Cherry Support 1L
TRU2U TRU2U Sweet Cherry Support 1L $52.90
Original Sleep Support Sweet Cherry, 100% New Zealand Sweet Cherry Concentrate in single strength which is fantastic when you are wanting sleep support as well as other antioxidant properties. Excellent for hormone balance, joint mobility, tired joints and muscles and healthy energy levels, as well as having the same phytomelatonin levels as the double strength for sleep. No added sugar No artificial sweeteners No colouring agents No preservatives Low Glycemic Index (GI-54) suitable for many diabetics. Each batch independently lab tested for over 200 agricultural residues. No dairy or nuts Gluten free No adverse effects expected during pregnancy or breast feeding. Drip free pourer - no mess!
NZLF Vit C 1000mg 180s
NZ Longevity Foundation NZLF Vit C 1000mg 180s $87.90
NZLF Sodium Ascorbate is a superior form of buffered vitamin C, this means that it can be taken anytime without upsetting the digestive system. Vitamin C participates in over 5000 bio-chemical processes every 24 hours. Dosage: Take one capsule with liquid up to three times daily. Frequency is more important than quantity. Pregnant, lactating women and people with known medical conditions, consult your Health Practitioner. Non GMO/Gluten Free/Vegan COA Available This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Store in a cool dry place.
NZLF Vit C 1000mg 60s
NZ Longevity Foundation NZLF Vit C 1000mg 60s $33.90
VITAMIN C NON ACIDIC formula Qty: 60 Capsules Capsule Weight: 1000mg pure NZLF Sodium Ascorbate is a superior form of buffered vitamin C, this means that it can be taken anytime without upsetting the digestive system. Vitamin C participates in over 5000 bio-chemical processes every 24 hours. Directions and Dosage: Take one capsule with liquid up to three times daily.  Frequency is more important than quantity. Pregnant, lactating women and people with known medical conditions, consult your Health Practitioner. Non GMO/Gluten Free/Vegan COA Available This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Store in a cool dry place.
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Clin Bladder Support 14 sachet
Clinicians Clin Bladder Support 14 sachet $29.90
Supports a healthy urinary tract Supports healthy bladder function Supports healthy bacterial balance in the urinary tract Use for those that want the synergy of d-mannose and cranberries Useful handy sachet for those that want portability Clinicians Bladder Support & Cranberry combines the powerful effect of d-mannose and cranberries. It comes in a convenient sachet perfect for men, women and children that need fast-acting urinary tract and bladder support. D-mannose, a natural plant sugar, and cranberry extract are combined together to work synergistically to support healthy bacteria levels in the bladder and the urinary tract. The combination is more effective than each ingredient alone. The formula is further enhanced by the addition of vitamin C, shown to give additional urinary tract support during pregnancy.
Clin Bladder Support 50g
Clinicians Clin Bladder Support 50g $53.90
Supports healthy urinary tract function To support healthy bacterial balance in the urinary tract Can be used daily by those needing healthy bladder function It contains pure d-mannose powder, with no additives, for immediate action, with a pleasant taste, flexible amounts and no prescription needed. D-mannose is a simple sugar that passes through the body and is excreted via the urinary tract. As it passes through it discourages bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract walls.
Clin 5htp Mood Care 60 caps
Clinicians Clin 5htp Mood Care 60 caps $51.90
Supports mood balance and sleep quality Supports the maintenance of normal serotonin levels Helps mental and physical relaxation May help those who suffer muscular discomfort when stressed or fatigued Our most popular mood support product that provides a natural alternative for those looking for balanced serotonin levels. Can be used long-term and is well tolerated. 5-HTP is naturally sourced from the Griffonia simplicifolia seed and is an amino acid used in the normal production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (brain chemical) used by the body to support feelings of happiness and relaxation. It is also converted into melatonin, a substance that aids deeper sleep.
Clin Thyroid Support 60 Caps
Clinicians Clin Thyroid Support 60 Caps $35.90
Supports healthy thyroid function and provides nutrients required for normal thyroid hormone production. To support healthy metabolism and energy, balanced temperature, hair health and healthy bowel patterns. Supports adrenal health Contains a unique combination of standardised herbs for thyroid and adrenal support. Thyroid Support Plus provides all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids required to support the thyroid gland and thyroid hormones production. Thyroid hormones are necessary for healthy metabolism, normal weight and energy. Thyroid Support Plus contains iodine and selenium, both essential for thyroid hormone production. Deficiencies of these minerals are associated with low thyroid hormone production and low thyroid function. It also contains Withania for supporting the adrenals glands which are heavily involved in thyroid health.
Clin Vit D3 1000 & K2 60s
Clinicians Clin Vit D3 1000 & K2 60s $21.50
To support balanced vitamin D levels To support bone health Immune system support Those who need mood support in the winter months Contains 1000 IU vitamin D3, the best utilised form along with vitamin K2. Tasty, dissolve in the mouth tablets for fast sublingual absorption. Sunshine Vitamin D3 includes vitamin K2 which has been shown to have both a synergistic and complimentary role when taken with vitamin D3. Research shows that vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 when combined support bone density health and bone mineral content better than when either vitamin is taken alone. Having adequate K2 levels supports calcium absorption in the bone where it belongs, instead of calcifying blood vessels and other soft tissues. Vitamin D supports mood balance in the winter months.
Clin Stress & Energy 60caps
Clinicians Clin Stress & Energy 60caps $37.50
Support for busy people who need resilience to stress and increased energy levels. To support recovery from illness and support fatigue Support during menopause To help support those with body aches and fatigue This specifically designed formula contains a unique blend of herbs and nutrients essential to support restoration and nourishment of the body in times of stress. It supports energy levels, sleep, recuperation and helps support resilience in those feeling overwhelmed. Siberian Ginseng, Withania and Gotu Kola exert a supporting balancing effect on adrenal function especially when an individual is under stress. L-Tyrosine is a precursor in the production of the adrenal and thyroid hormones for energy and mood support during times of stress. Vitamin B5 is an essential cofactor for adrenal and steroid hormone production in the body and Licorice root a herb that nourishes the adrenal glands.
Clin Family Vit C Powder 75g
Clinicians Clin Family Vit C Powder 75g $19.90
Super Family Vitamin C Powder.
Clinicians Zinc Oral Drops
Clinicians Clinicians Zinc Oral Drops $27.90
To support healthy nails, normal sense of taste and smell, healthy wound healing, oral health, healthy blood sugar regulation, skin health. Children’s digestive support, immune balance and skin health. Zinc levels may support those that suffer loose bowels. Immune system support. Male sexual health. Zinc oral drops allow for variable dosing for all the family. The liquid format allows greater absorption and assimilation to support healthy zinc stores.  Zinc is depleted in New Zealand soils. Zinc is an important trace mineral required for the normal functioning of over 200 known enzymes. It is important for immune support, skin health and wound healing, immune activity and the proper functioning of hormones.
Clinicians Dim 90caps
Clinicians Clinicians Dim 90caps $49.90
Support for balanced oestrogen levels. For women to support breast comfort, fluid imbalances and normal menstrual flow. Supports during premenstrual and menstrual cycles. This is a unique formulation containing high levels of DIM (Di-indolylmethane), a substance found in cruciferous vegetables that supports healthy oestrogen metabolism. Easy-to-take capsules that are cost effective at 2 a day dosing. Suitable for long-term use. DIM supports the liver to maintain normal oestrogen levels. This helps to support premenstrual health and smooth menstrual cycles. DIM helps produce desirable forms of oestrogen and supports healthy levels of less desirable oestrogen.

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