Organics Out West is a family-owned, customer focussed, organic food and health shop operating in Glen Eden as well as online. We want to create that friendly feeling you should have when shopping, both online and in-store. We guarantee quality service by having a diverse team of individuals who come from different backgrounds in life with different skills but are all passionate about the Organic lifestyle and healthy living. Each one of us is committed to helping our customers and the wider community live a healthier life with the right organics for their lifestyle needs. Our loyal customers come from diverse backgrounds – from university students to young mothers to elderly couples – we cater for everyone’s lifestyle needs.

In December 2019, Organics Out West was bought by Sapna and Manish Kemkar who had a strong interest for organic foods and were transitioning to an organic lifestyle. They bring unique business experience that is a strong addition to the team and helps us to add value to our customers’ lives by making improvements that make the shopping experience better for our loyal customers. Their goal is to increase our loyal customer base and for Organics Out West to become a pillar of health in the West Auckland community that people think of when they need to go grocery shopping. They want to make the organic lifestyle more accessible and bring more people on board the organic train!

Under Sapna’s leadership, the entire team at Organics Out West works together with our various skills to improve the  shopping experience for our customers. All of us have different areas of expertise, different backgrounds in life and different passions. We want our customers to be able to connect with us and develop a strong sense of community around the shared value of a healthy and organic lifestyle, so come meet the team.

The Team


“I am the owner of Organics Out West. I am from India and have been living in New Zealand for the past twenty years. I have two kids, a boy and a girl, who also help in running the store smoothly. I believe in Natural living which is why I have invested in Organics Out West. Natural living is very important to maintain physical, mental and spiritual health. I trust it will help my family to adapt and improve to a healthier lifestyle. I am enjoying the fact that I am gaining so much knowledge about various products in the store. This encourages and motivates me to broaden my knowledge of different products. Outside of work, I like cooking, listening to Bollywood music and learning new things everyday.” – Sapna


“I have been a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist for over 20 years. My work at Organics Out West involves being on the shop floor and available to advise customers on their health concerns. My favourite part of the job, is and shall continue to be, creating herbal medicine remedies! As well as working in my own naturopathic clinic I am currently in the process of re-launching my children’s book that is based on the organic and sustainable lifestyle principles I grew up with.

I would like to close with some heartfelt words to express what Organics Out West means to me. Organics Out West isn’t just an organic store it’s a place where a healthy Westie community gathers to celebrate all things natural and good on the planet…a place where this vibrant community can do their natural, healthy, organic weekly shopping under one roof…..and maybe have a cup of Fair Trade Organic coffee too :). Organics Out West is a special place that soothes your mind the moment you walk through the door!” – Joanne


“I have enjoyed working at Organics Out West for 5 years. Every workday I am very much involved in all aspects of the running of the store but mostly I am making sure that fresh, organic fruit and veggies are available for our customers. One of my favourite tasks at OOW is being a taste tester for new products!! I also enjoy fixing broken equipment and inventing interesting contraptions! My mother is a naturopath and herbalist and so for the whole of my life I have received the natural health/organic/sustainable lifestyle message via osmosis from her! It is so important that we look after our planet and if I can work in a business that supports and promotes the wellbeing of the earth community.” – Samuel


“Organics has been part of my life since 2009, when I started working in an organic store (Wise Cicada). I am amazed at the amount of knowledge I gained working there. My desire for learning keeps me motivated and enthused in all aspects of my life. In September 2019, I joined Organics Out West as an office administrator and I am so glad to be a part of the team that is always helping the health and well-being of the Organics Out West community.” – Amar

We want to hear from you!
If you have any questions about our products or just want to have a chat about organic living come into the store and one of us will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 09 813 6678 or send an email through the contact page. Please connect with us so we can get to know you, our loyal customer, and grow this Organic community. 

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