Clinicians - DigestEase - [60s]

  • Supports healthy breakdown of fats, protein, carbohydrate, plant fibre, gluten and dairy.
  • Supports normal enzyme levels as we age.
  • Supports helping gas, bloating and stomach acidity.
  • Supports absorption of nutrients from food.

Clinicians DigestEase contains Tolerase® G, sourced from the natural fungus Aspergillus niger which has been scientifically shown to assist in the digestion of gluten. This is additional to five other enzymes which help in the breakdown of the major food groups.

DigestEase with Tolerase® G provides a broad spectrum of enzymes required by the body for the breakdown of major food groups, including: Amylase to aid the breakdown of sugars and carbohydrates; Protease to assist in the breakdown of dietary proteins; Lipase to break down fat in the small intestine; Lactase to support lactose intolerant people digesting and absorbing the sugar (lactose) in milk; and Cellulase required for breaking down plant fibre. Tolerase® G (ANPEP) itself helps breakdown gluten in the stomach, preventing it reaching the small intestine intact.