Green Goddess

Green Goddess - Hemp & Eucalyptus Cleaning Soap - [500ml]


Hand made in NZ, biodegradable, vegan friendly, palm oil free, not tested on animals and grey water friendly to boot! This soap is fantastic at cleaning just about anything!!!
For dishes just a couple of squirts in your sink and you can safely clean your dishes with a biodegradable soap that contains no nasty toxic ingredients.  This product will not bubble like other dish wash as it’s completely natural and does not contain any surfactants, fragrances, or plant derived ingredients. It will not damage your skin in any way so is perfect for anyone with sensitivities.
For general cleaning dilute 1Tbsp in 800ml of warm water and use with a cloth to clean hard to move gunk and grime.
For stain removal apply directly to the stain, add water and rub gently.
To remove mould on furniture dilute 2Tbsp in 1.5L warm water, use a cloth to clean the area and leave to dry (always do a spot check first)
To clean floors add 2Tbsp to 3L of hot water and stir to combine, then add 1/3 cup white vinegar and stir again.
Can also be used in your favourite DIY recipes.