Organic India

Organic India - Organic Tulsi Tea (Turmeric Ginger) - [25 Bags]


An all time favorite, Tulsi Ginger combines the healing properties of Tulsi, with the added boost of Ginger, traditionally used to activate the body's fire element, to burn up toxins and improve digestion. Soothing to the stomach, Ginger is used to prevent and relieve nausea, heartburn and morning sickness. Ginger warms the emotions and sharpens the senses. Ideal for times of cold and flu, Tulsi Ginger is a delicious daily treat.


  • Helps you relax reduces stress

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Abundant in antioxidants

  • Keeps you going - boosts stamina

  • Improves digestion & metabolism

  • Helps you fight with illness, cough and cold

  • Uplifts moods

  • Caffeine-free

  • Staple free tea bags

  • 100% Certified Organic

  • Our infusion bags are made from unbleached, biodegradable fiber.