Speick - Natural Deo Spray - [75ml]


Provides reliable protection and invigorating, active freshness with a long-lasting deodorising effect. The natural formula with organic sage extract lets the skin breathe whilst controlling perspiration.

Provides reliable protection and long-lasting freshness – following a 4-6 week natural maturing process. With deodorising organic sage and innovative long-lasting active ingredients. In an environmentally-friendly pump spray bottle.


  • With sage farmed from biologically regulated cultivation.

  • With echinacea farmed from biologically regulated cultivation.

  • With Vitamin F.

  • Does not contain aluminium salts.

  • No synthetic fragrances, colourings or preservatives.

  • Does not contain parabens.

  • Free of mineral oil-based ingredients.

  • Gluten and lactose free.

  • Suitable for vegans.

  • Dermatologically and allergologically tested.