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Bennetto 60% Cocoa Orig 100g
Bennetto Bennetto 60% Cocoa Orig 100g $7.60
This limited edition 60% Dark bar celebrates Forest & Bird’s current Bird of the Year, the Kākāpō. 100% of the profits from sales of this bar will going directly to Forest & Bird to help protect these endangered species for many years to come. We based the Kākāpō image on the front on the bird Hugo. We have created a bar that is high in cocoa but smoother and sweeter than our other high cocoa bars. The chocolate bar we have created is 60% cocoa and has a smooth creamy taste and texture. As usual the chocolate is 100% vegan, gluten free and organic. Cocoa 60% minimum. Vegan certified. Gluten Free approved
Bennetto Amaranth &SeaSalt100g
Bennetto Bennetto Amaranth &SeaSalt100g $7.60
Rich dark Peruvian chocolate textured with popped amaranth grains and a sprinkling of sea salt. No added dairy, gluten or soy. Vegan certified through the Vegan Society and coeliac society approved. In case you are wondering; Amaranth grains were once considered a staple food in the Inca, Maya and Aztec civilisations. It is classified as a pseudocereal, meaning that it’s not technically a cereal grain like wheat or oats, but it shares a comparable set of nutrients and is used in similar ways. Its earthy, nutty flavour works well in a variety of dishes including Bennetto dark chocolate and added sea salt. This nutritious grain is naturally gluten-free and rich in protein, fiber, micronutrients and antioxidants.
Bennetto Coconut 30g
Bennetto Bennetto Coconut 30g $2.99
60% cocoa, single origin Ecuadorian based dark organic chocolate loaded with toasted coconut flakes. Simple and delicious!  
Bennetto Coffee Bean [30g]
Bennetto Bennetto Coffee Bean [30g] $2.99
Deep and dark Ecuadorian organic chocolate, combined with crunchy milled Peruvian coffee beans, for a rich coffee-chocolate flavour sensation. A definite winner!
Bennetto Intense Dark 100g
Bennetto Bennetto Intense Dark 100g $7.60
A vibrant, pure dark chocolate with the natural and subtle fruity notes characteristic of the Peruvian cocoa bean. No added soy, gluten or dairy. Vegan certified by the Vegan Society UK and ‘Coeliac Society’ approved.
Bennetto Mint & Cacao 100g
Bennetto Bennetto Mint & Cacao 100g $7.60
Beautiful Peruvian dark chocolate balanced with pure mint oil and good splattering of crunchy cocoa nibs. No added soy, gluten or dairy. Certified vegan through the Vegan Society and Coeliac Society approved.
Bennetto Orange & Chilli 100g
Bennetto Bennetto Orange & Chilli 100g $7.60
Delicious Peruvian dark chocolate with a flavour progression that starts with the pure orange oil, leads to the sweet orange zest and finishes with a hit of chilli. No added soy, gluten or dairy. Certified Vegan through The Vegan Society and Coeliac Society NZ approved.
Bennetto Raspberry 100g
Bennetto Bennetto Raspberry 100g $7.60
Rich dark chocolate with a generous amount of freeze-dried raspberry pieces with a real flavour pop. No added dairy, gluten or soy. Vegan certified through the Vegan Society and Coeliac Society approved.
Bennetto Raspberry 30g
Bennetto Bennetto Raspberry 30g $2.99
60% single origin Ecuadorian organic cocoa with organic freeze-dried raspberry pieces. That’s all!
Bennetto Salted Caramel n Dark
Bennetto Bennetto Salted Caramel n Dark $7.60
One for all the caramel lovers out there, introducing our Salted Caramel in Dark 100g chocolate bar. Organic vegan caramel made from almond butter, and no added flavour enhances has brings this salty delight to life. The smooth taste of organic dark chocolate paired with crunchy caramel pieces is perfectly balanced with a touch of salt. * Organically grown. Cocoa 70 & minimum.Vegan certified.

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