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Equagold - Gelatine [28g]
Equagold Equagold - Gelatine [28g] $9.90
Equagold Gold Grade Leaf gelatine is the gelatine of choice for most professional chefs because it sets clearer and with a much smoother consistency than powdered gelatine. It imparts none of its own flavour into the dish which is a concern in a professional kitchen with powdered gelatine.
Equagold - Vanilla Pods [x2]
Equagold Equagold - Vanilla Pods [x2] $13.90
Equagold 100% Pure Tahitian Vanilla pods - 2 Pack (sometimes referred to as vanilla bean) are renowned for their fruity fragrance, prune and cherry flavours. These Tahitiensis variety vanilla pods are plump, luscious and oily.

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