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Lafes Crystal Deo Stick [120g]
Lafe's Lafes Crystal Deo Stick [120g] $14.50
Lafe's Crystal Rock Mineral Salt Deodorant Stick also known as a Mineral Salt Deodorant or Rock Salt Deodorant is made with only one ingredient, Potassium Alum (Natural Mineral Salts) and contains no toxins and no aluminum chlorhydrate.  Mineral salt deodorants are known for naturally eliminating odor causing bacteria for 24-hours.  Our convenient package makes using a crystal stone deodorant easy and protects the crystal deodorant stone from breakage. Non-GMO Gluten Free Vegan - Plant Based Directions Simply wet stone, apply to underarms & feet.
Lafes Deo Spray unscent 118ml
Lafe's Lafes Deo Spray unscent 118ml $13.90
Lafe's Unscented Spray Deodorant is an effective fragrance free, hypoallergenic spray formula that can be used under your arm or on your your body to protect you from odor for 24-hours. Our mineral salt spray deodorant is made with soothing, USDA Certified Organic aloe vera to keep you clean and feeling fresh throughout the day without the use of harmful chemicals. This deodorant formula is made with natural and USDA Certified Organic ingredients and is aluminum free, gluten free, paraben free, and propylene glycol free. Directions Spray 5-6 times on your body, under each arm, on the body, or on feet. Non-GMO Gluten Free Vegan - Plant Based

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