Massel Plant Based Stock Cubes - Chicken [105g]
Massel Massel Plant Based Stock Cubes - Chicken [105g] $7.50
Sensational Chicken Stock – Turn normal meals to delicious feasts with an all-natural, vegetarian stock broth cube. Massel bouillon and seasoning is gluten-free, vegan, all natural and made with GMO-free ingredients. We use premium vegetables, herbs, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. We don’t add MSG or use any artificial additives or preservatives. If you’re trying to eat more healthily, you’ll be pleased to know that Massel bouillon and seasonings are fat-free, cholesterol-free and lower in sodium than other instant bouillons. Massel products are also free from common food allergens like gluten and lactose, as well as being Kosher certified, so almost everyone can eat food made with Massel. Best of all, Massel gluten-free bouillons and seasonings taste great and are super versatile: Make delicious stocks and broths packed with natural flavor. Use for savory soups, stews and sauces. Perfect for risotto and paella. Use for a flavor boost for polenta, quinoa or couscous. Make vegetables even more delicious, just add as seasoning when you steam, roast or stir fry. Excellent marinade for meats or vegetables.
Massel Plant Based Stock Cubes - Vegetable [105g]
Massel Massel Plant Based Stock Cubes - Vegetable [105g] $7.50
Made from a unique blend of vegetable ingredients, Stock cube is the easiest, most versatile way to add sensational flavor to risottos, soups and other home cooked favorites. Try diluting 1 stock cube in a pint of hot water for a delicious consommé that will impress even the fussiest diners. Drop it in your cooking instead of salt for an extra flavor boost. Or just make the consommé with boiling water and add some noodles…It’s a tasty meal, made in minutes! No Animal content No added enhancers Gluten Free Lactose free
Massel Stock Cubes - Beef [105g]
Massel Massel Stock Cubes - Beef [105g] $7.50
Massel stock cubes contain no preservatives and are strong in flavour. Use in stir-fries, casseroles, vegetable dishes, soups etc. The flavour profile is obtained solely from natural, vegetable ingredients. GM free, no MSG added.

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