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Thompsons Liver Cleanse [120 capsules]
Thompson's Thompsons Liver Cleanse [120 capsules] $48.90
This herbal liver tonic supports liver function while also aiding liver detoxification. Additionally, this blend contains herbs to support gall bladder and overall digestive health. Dandelion Root - Traditionally used as a digestive tonic, dandelion also aids bile production in the liver. Milk Thistle - Traditionally used for liver and gall bladder problems, this herb helps to protect and restore liver tissue. Globe Artichoke - Also has protective and regenerative actions on the liver cells and helps to support bile synthesis. Traditionally used as a liver tonic. Schisandra - Another liver-protective and supportive herb. Taurine  - supports healthy detoxification.   Supports: Healthy digestion Gall bladder and liver function Liver detoxification Liver cell regeneration

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