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NHT Vermints Cinnamon 40g
VerMints NHT Vermints Cinnamon 40g $6.90
Transform bland days with a healthy dose of BAM! courtesy of VerMints Organic Cinnamon mints. They’re equal parts sweet and spicy, and hands down the zestiest way to add pep to your day.
NHT Vermints Ginger Mint 40g
VerMints NHT Vermints Ginger Mint 40g $6.90
Sometimes a little jolt with a touch of zing is exactly what the workday ordered! If you like to go left when the crowd goes right, VerMints Organic Gingermint will take you on a thrilling taste adventure.
NHT Vermints Peppermint 40g
VerMints NHT Vermints Peppermint 40g $6.90
There’s nothing standard about this fan favorite flavor. If you’re a close talker, frequent flyer, or constant smoocher, VerMints Organic Peppermint is your new best friend.
NHT Vermints Wintergreen 40g
VerMints NHT Vermints Wintergreen 40g $6.90
If you like your mint flavor mild, but your excitement level high, VerMints Wintergreen is equal parts relaxed and revved up. Like a dance party with mimes.

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